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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs

Absent friends

Bob bows out leaving a fine record card

Bob Davidson, who passed away in January 2020, was an active member of many aspects of the Avenue Bridge Club getting good results with the bridge sessions, Phoenix Pub Poker and the Brighton Chess Club. Whatever game he played, it was to a high competitive standard. For poker he usually finished in the top half of the field, as the pie chart below indicates and on many occasions at top table. It was a brilliant moment when on July 22, 2019, at the age of 93, he came top out of 21 runners, sharing the spoils with his daughter Jane Davidson, Louis Mockett and Jim Richardson. He became our first and only nonagenarian winner.

Bob’s bridge finishes by percentage in 2019

Bob’s bridge rankings were formidable, regularly breaking the 55% to 65% marks (see chart below). To non bridge players reading this, it’s awesome!

But most of all Bob was a true gentleman, loved to play the game in good spirit, was always alert and keen to get better. He’ll be greatly missed.

RIP Our Harry - awesome player & lovely guy

Harry Mutter, our league leader, sadly passed away on Monday, August 7, 2017. Harry looked forward to playing with us on a weekly basis, winning two tournaments in the last few weeks. He was one of our stars in bringing a fantastic personality to the poker room, never short of witty comments and was genuinely universally popular.

Harry played with us 66 times. During his early visits he bust early, but he took note, listened to advice, acted upon it and learned fast to swim with the sharks.

We will be creating a tribute trophy to Harry, which will be our top award for each season.

Harry’s funeral was held on Thursday, August 31, 16:15hrs at Southampton Crematorium. The order of service is attached here, including a poem about him by Claire and Nikki.

Several players attended the funeral service and we took a bouquet representing the colours of the rainbow and the Summer Season’s final league sheet with a hearts royal flush attached here.

There’s a Harry’s Forever 21 party to celebrate his life and personality at The Good Companions pub on the Seven Dials in Brighton on Saturday, August 9 from 19:00hrs. Wear something colourful and be prepared for cheesey disco classics.

Bert Mitchell, gent, engineer and card player

Tributes to our true gentleman of the green beige have poured into our Facebook group to Bert who passed away over the Easter weekend. Our photo celebrates his win on December 19, 2016 when we had a pre Christmas Irish poker  tournament in which he could not put a foot wrong. Such a nice way to start the seasonal celebrations for him. Ill health prevented him from playing from February 2017 onwards, but he occasionally hosted kitchen games at home.

In his younger years, Bert was an accomplished bridge player, but as his card memory started to fail him, he took up Texas Hold’em, playing regularly in pub poker leagues with The Weekly Poker Club at Corals, The Avenue Poker League and Phoenix Pub Poker in later times. Sometimes he ventured to Brighton’s casinos for a game.

An engineer by trade, he was on the team that designed one of the Dungeness nuclear power stations and continued to consult EDF well past his retirement when that facility was being decommissioned.

 An unconventional player, he loved the companionship of our events, often with a small rum in hand. At one event, after unusually having a second tot of rum, Bert managed to deal a second flop of three cards rather than the more usual single turn card.

Claire celebrating her first Phoenix Pub Poker win, heads up against Barry in March 2015. She jokingly complained that I had cut off the top of her head when this was first published!

Family, friends and colleagues gathered to rejoice the life of Claire Sansom today (February 17) at Woodvale Crematorium and afterwards at Alfresco on Brighton’s beach front.

She was known to the Phoenix Pub Poker community as a quiet player, with a mischevious sense of humour, who’s play always meant that she was more often than not still surviving in the latter stages of our events.

At the table she would sometimes talk about her love of music and quietly proudly of how her daughters, Freya and Poppy, were getting on.

Occasionally a viola case would accompany her visit to The Avenue Bridge Club, but she could never be persuaded to give us a tune.

There were many facets to Claire’s life, an artist, a highly accomplished musician, a keen game player and a wonderful mum.

The chapel was packed, testiment to how many lives she had touched.

Russ Cochran, chair of the UK Amateur Poker Players’ Association, said that Claire was one of the nicest individuals he had ever met  doing battle at cards.

In her younger days, Claire was a residential

volunteer at RSPB Northward Hill in Kent, a nature reserve where Jonno now focuses much of energies in his professional work with the charity.

Claire, you will be remembered fondly xxx

Celebrating of friendship with Claire

The Sockman remembered and King Ten

Steve James the master of tight aggression

A player in pub leagues since the scene went big in 2006, Simon Sockman Beaumont was a regular winner in the now defunct Weekly Poker Club league at Corals, The Connaught, The Albion and The Windmill and then with Phoenix Pub Poker at The Royal George, The Harbour View, Poets’ Corner, The Mile Oak and the The Avenue Bridge Club. Father of Sam who went onto tournament direct at various venues. His favourite hand was King Ten especially hearts, the combination always seemed to work for him. Amongst many things, Simon won our Autumn 2013 final.

And why the name ‘Sockman’? It was the nickname given to him by his beloved grandchildren Becky, Sophie, Jessie, Jaymee and Libby, when they saw ‘Pops’ in his dressing gown and socks. And when Sam started beating him, we called her ‘Oversock’.

Steve All-In James had the patience of Job at the poker table waiting and waiting, folding and folding until his premium hole cards arrived. Bosh there would be an all in and all bar the brave of foolish would wimper away from the pot. It was a basic strategy, but was very successful. Steve won three of his first four tournaments at The Royal George.

He kept playing, sometimes in great pain through a long and debilitating illness and got to the top table of a 32 player final at the Avenue Bridge Club just days before his passing.