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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs

December 2019 news

Daryl. Ryan and James share the spoils

The last tournament of 2019 on January 29 saw 17 players do battle with a deal being reached at the 15k/30k blind level with James Winfield, Ryan Tanner and Daryl Hitchings taking £51 each after Jonno Vulture Cook had bust fourth taking £17. Our bubble girl was Sandie Cresdee.

Ho Ho Hold’em tournie has 22 entrants

Our last get together before Christmas 2019 saw Dean Ghasami, Daryl Hitchings and Sandie Cresdee winning £66 each after doing a chop at the 25k/50k blind level had been reached and there was near parity in chip stacks. Roly Holas came fourth at the 10k/20k blind level, winning £22. Our bubble was Ryan Parker.

To add to the festive spirit we had a side game of Nativity Bingo with chocolate and goodies to be won.

Our Christmas Number One, Nick Jeffery, bust first, tightening up the league table considerably as we enter the new year.

Twenty players bossed by Nick

When you’re holding K7 in heads up and the flop comes K77, you know it’s your night. That was the culmination of an audacious run of luck for Nick Jeffery on December 16, beating Milo Lopez in the final stage of the tournament. They took £80 and £60 respectively. In third, winning £40 was Rosario Graziona and fourth, with £20, Tim Kent.

Carol, Catherine and Dean do a £160 chop

With the blinds at 15k/30k, Dean Ghasemi, Catherine Diffey and Carol Burtenshaw decided to chop the pot in out two table December 9 tournament. No picture, the dealer forgot!

Nick runs hot at start of Winter Season

December 2 saw a single handed heads up with chip leader’s pocket fours  beating the contender’s A3 in an all in clash.Nick Jeffery won £65 for his efforts, Roly Holas £39 and Daryl Hitchings £26. Our bubble was Dean Ghasemi. Nick had opted to play his season’s joker in its first game so has instantly got a commanding lead through getting 50% more points than normal. We’ll see if he’s still at the top at the end of February.