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October 2019 news

Latest news

Hallowe’en games and prize pumpkins

First time player Steve Powell won our Hallowe’en themed tournament on October 28. Twenty one runners provided a £210 pot, which first place took £84, second place Joe Winter £63, third place Perivale Tony£42 and Nick Jeffery fourth and £21. ‘Twas a cracker of pumpkins, lollipops, jelly fangs and other tat provided by Poundland.

An evening of strange card protectors

Brian, the Confused.Com robot and Michaelangelo the Teenage Ninja Mutant Hero Turtle somehow managed to find their way to being card protectors on Table 3 on October 21. Winners, splitting the pot three ways were Sam Beaumont, Jonno Cook and John Gaughn, with Carol Burtenshaw in the bubble.

Mexican stand off after 24 runners

Twenty four players did battle on Monday, October 14, with Saul Sherrif, Alex KT, Daryl Hitchings and Callum Scott having a Mexican stand off with the money when the blinds reached 40k/80k and decided pocketing £60 was fair game after seeing off the tournament director, Julian Mitchel who bubbled in fifth. Close but no cigar!

Somebody Up There Likes Me is a 1956 film about a boxing legend Rocky Graziano. Was our 7 October 2019 tournament about the same person? Rosario Graziano bossed the top table taking first place and £68 (also top spot in the Autumn 2019 league table), Alex KT came second swinging £51, in third, after a long absence, Daryl Hitchings £34 and in fourth Barry Leadbetter with £17. Our bubble was Sandie Cresdee.

Rosario’s luck comes good!

Twenty three and the return of our Roly