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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs

September 2019 news

Learn to play bridge this autumn

If you ever wanted to play the undoubted king of card games, this September provides many opportunities to learn and start playing at The Avenue Bridge Club. Duplicate bridge is a whist based trick taking card game (if you’ve ever played Hearts on your computer, it’s a bit like that). Whilst poker has a high element of skill with an element of luck, duplicate bridge is a game of 100% skill!

And once you get good, there’s money to be won in the Rubber version of the game.

Bridge for Beginners Courses – Autumn 2019

Autumn Term: 19th September – 28th November 2019

(Courses run by Andy Ryder 1st October - 12th December 2019)

Half Term: 28th October - 2nd November Course fees per ten week term: £80 p.p.

TUESDAY  MORNING with Dave Collard 10.45am-12.15pm  

THURSDAY MORNING with Julian Mitchell 10.45am-12.15pm

THURSDAY EVENING with Andy Ryder 7.30pm–9.00pm   

FRIDAY EVENING  with Ollie Powell 7.30pm–9.00pm   

SATURDAY MORNING with Ollie Powell 10.00am–12.00 noon

Call 01273 775752 for more info or email

Practice Opportunities

Supervised sessions offer a stress-free opportunity for learners to practise bidding and playing, with expert help on tap if you need it.  You can also use these sessions to practise what you have learnt in the classes.  You do not need to be a member of the club to come along.

TUESDAY  EVENING    Supervised Bridge  7.30pm–10.10pm. Expert help from Ollie Powell. TD: Dave Collard. Partner found if required. Members £3.50, Visitors £4.50.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON DupliCAKE, 1.30pm–4.30pm. Social Duplicate Bridge with an interval for tea and cakes. TD: Dave Collard. Partner found if required. £4 p.p.

FRIDAY EVENING Beginners' Supervised Duplicate, 7.30pm–9.30pm Partner found if required. £3.50 p.p.

And from Saturday 21st September

SATURDAY MORNING Beginners' Supervised Play, 10.00am–12.00pm. Partner found if required. £3.50 p.p.

Twenty three and the return of our Roly

September 30 had three full tables and the return of Roly competing in his first league game with Phoenix Pub Poker since February 29, 2016. We also welcomed five new players, Curtis Foster, Beccy Williams, Jess Guy, Alex Kolliari-Turner and Greg Kent, the last of whom made the money bagging £76 for equal top with Ben Loom £77 and Will Coombe £76, with Rosario Graziano getting £23 for fourth place. Our bubble was Peter Metcalfe.

Sorry that there’s no winner photos tonight, Jonno forgot!

Winter’s victorious autumn night

September 23 saw protracted action three ways on the final table with the change of chip dominance shifting significantly between Joe Slap Head Winter, Rama Rahimi and Nick Jeffery as the blinds phased through 6k/12k, 8k/16k and 10k/20k. Nick was the first to blink in the stand off and the heads up lasted about 10 minutes again with shifting fortunes when Rama’s all in was called by Joe at the 20k/40k blinds. A sweet win for Joe, his first since November 2018 and a third cash on the trot for Rama, taking him to number one in the league table.

The blinds had reached 10k/20k, with no absolute chip leader on the table to bully some action and create a fifth place bubble, the remaining players, Kathy Pitt, Catherine Diffey, Sandie Cresdee, Peter Metcalfe and Rama Rahimi agreed to a five way evens chop. Our sixth placed bubble was Demelza Fry. Very early baths for league leaders Dan Bruncak and Jonno Vulture Cook meant that the league table tightened considerably on September 16.   

First victory for Rama Rahimi since 2006

A delighted Rama bagged his first tournament win on September 19 against 14 players. A flush on the river gave him a the heads up finale against Carol Burtenshaw, after seeing Barry Rebuy Freeman lose his chip dominance three ways and busting third after an ill advised straight draw push. The winnings were £70, £42 and £28 respectively. Our bubble was Dan Bruncak. Rama has been playing poker at The Avenue Bridge Club since 2006, This victory was sweet!

The very first hand of our Autumn 2019 Season at the Avenue Bridge Club was an all in affair between Barry Rebuy Freeman, losing with a straight to Peter Burdett’s full house. With three kings in the community cards, Bazzer still called the all in. His add on chip did not last long and it was a full hour before the next player of 24 entrants exited the game. Pete’s double up gave him a license to call too many times and his early advantage was not capitalised on and he bust in 18th.

A long grind in the mid and latter stages of the event saw a Milo Lopez, Dan Bruncak and Jonno Vulture Cook with even stacks at the 25k/50k blinds and a three way chop was agreed (£72 each) after Jan Lievens had bust fourth taking £24. Our bubble was Jason Southon.

Autumn windfall for Jonno, Milo and Dan

Five way even split of £190 prize pot